How to use Medihelp's self-service portal

May 2019

Medihelp Member Zone Tablet Image 1

Medihelp’s Member Zone is an online self-service portal which gives you access to your Medihelp profile, claims and benefits in a secure environment, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Manage your personal information. You can update your personal information and contact details on the Member Zone. For security reasons, details such as your full name or ID number may not be changed online, so send email to or phone our Customer Care centre at 086 0100 678 to update this information.

Register a dependant. An e-application form is available on the Member Zone to register or deregister your dependants. Simply complete the form, attach the relevant documentation and submit. You also have the option to save the form and complete it at a later stage.

View what medical services are covered by your plan. See a breakdown of the services that are covered by your plan, including the following:

  • A detailed description of the benefit for each medical service you may need;
  • The annual limit or maximum amount available for each benefit (if applicable);
  • A record of the services you have already used; and
  • The remaining benefits available for the rest of the year.

If your product includes a savings plan, you can also view the funds available in your savings account.

Check if your claims have been paid, and submit claims. View your processed claims and check your claims statements to ensure that claims have been submitted to Medihelp within the prescribed deadline. You can also submit your Medihelp claims online.

Download your tax certificate. You can download your annual Medihelp Medical Scheme tax certificate on the Member Zone to submit to SARS.

Request pre-authorisation. You can request pre-authorisation online for the following benefits:

  • Hospitalisation
  • PMB services
  • Oncology
  • Specialised radiology
  • Chronic/PMB medicine
  • Oxygen
  • Necesse referrals
  • Medicine for more than 30 days
  • Specialised medicine

Search for a network provider. You can do a quick online search on the Member Zone to find details of your nearest network provider.

A detailed list of these providers is also available to view or download.

View your Medihelp monthly contributions. View a history of your Medihelp contributions to date, how your monthly Medihelp contribution is calculated, the funds available in your savings account (for members of Prime 2 and Unify) and any applicable late-joiner penalties.

View or request your Medihelp membership card. Download or email a pdf version of your membership card to share with your healthcare provider, or request a new printed membership card which we will send to you via post. é

Register to access the Member Zone now and start using these and other features right away. You can also register via Medihelp’s member app, available on Google Play, iStore and Windows Store.
Medihelp Member Zone Tablet Image 1